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Jan 27-Anchor Yankers party 7pm-10


Feb 16-Garden Villas 3pm-4

Feb 22-Shannon Party 1pm-1:30


Mar 7- on hold (Contemporary)

Mar 11-Museum of Transportation 1030am


Apr 8-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Apr 12-Immaculate Conception 7pm-8

Apr 22-Museum of Transportation 1030am

April 30-Sugar Creek 1pm-5


May 6-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

May 7-Museum of Transportation 1030am

May 12-on hold (Dustin)

May 13-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

May 19-Riviera Too 630pm-10

May 20-Serenity Valley Winery

May 21-Church of St.Michael 5:30-7

May 28-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

May 29-Whitmoor CC 12pm-3


June 2-Ballwin Sno-Cone

June 4-STL Yacht Club 1pm-5

June 10-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

June 11-Museum of Transportation 1030am

June 16-Muddy Banks Brewing 6pm-9

June 17-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

June 18-Paradise Tropical 5pm-9

June 24-Museum of Transportation 1030am

June 25-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

June 30-Ballwin Sno-Cone


July 3-StL Yacht Club 1pm-5

July 4-Whitmoor CC 12pm-3

July 8-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

July 14-Neon Taco 5pm-9

July 15-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

July 19-Lake STL Clubhouse (brown)

July 21-Maggie's on Lake

July 22-Maggie's on Lake

July 23-Paradise Tropical 5pm-9

July 27-Garden Villas 3pm-4

July 28-Riviera Too 630pm-10

July 29-Museum of Transportation 1030am

July 30-Sugar Creek 1pm-5


Aug 5-Maggie's on Lake

Aug 6-STL Yacht Club 1pm-5

Aug 12-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Aug 18-Ballwin Sno-Cone

Aug 19-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

Aug 20-Museum of Transportation 10:30am

Aug 25-Neon Taco 5pm-9

Aug 27-Wild Pickins 2pm-6 Shrimp boil!

Aug 31- on hold


Sept 2-Neon Taco 5pm-9

Sept 3-Maggie's on Lake

Sept 4-Whitmoor CC 12pm-3

Sept 9-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Sept 10-Museum of Transportation 1030am

Sept 16-Museum of Transportation 1030am

Sept 16-Riviera Too 630pm-10

Sept 23-Serenity Valley Winery

Sept 24-Sugar Creek 1pm-5


Oct 7-Museum of Transportation 1030am

Oct 14-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Oct 29-Sugar Creek 1pm-5
















LENNY (803)818-7633 in STL