Jan 3-Friends 7pm-10

Jan 5-Mangrove Mamas Sugarloaf Key, FL 6pm-9

Jan 7-Sunset Tiki, Marathon,FL  6pm-9

Jan 9- Pinchers Crab Shack Key West, FL  2pm-4

Jan 9-Coast Guard Ship Museum,  Key West, FL 5pm-8

Jan 11- Private party Duck Key, FL 4pm-7

Jan 25-Butterfly House 1pm-3

Jan 26-Butterfly House 1pm-3


Feb 20-Garden Villas, Ofallon 3pm-4

Feb 22-Friends 7pm-10 (Luau Lenny)

Mar 20-Friends 7pm-10


Apr 3-YMCA 7pm-9 (DJ)

Apr 11-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

Apr 19-Augusta Winery 1pm-5

Apr 25-Belle Star Theatre 7pm-9

Apr 26-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)


May 1- Great Grizzly Bear, Soulard 8pm-11 (Good Vibes band)

May 2- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

May 9-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

May 16-Augusta Winery 1pm-5

May 17-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

May 22- off

May 23- Harbor Point Yacht Club 5pm-9

May 30-Meremec Vineyards Winery 6pm-9 (Luau Lenny)


June 6- Paradise Tropical Bar, Lake of O  12pm-4  (Luau Lenny)

June 6- Paradise Tropical Bar, Lake of O  6pm-10 (Good Vibes band)

June 7-Paradise Tropical Bar, Lake of O 6pm-10 (Luau Lenny)

June 13-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

June 19-Westwood CC 530-830

June 20-Vineyards Pool 1pm-4 (duo)

June 20- Angela private party 630-830

June 21-Vixen Hill Winery (Luau Lenny)

June 27-Oak Terrace Resort, Pana,IL 7pm-10 (Luau Lenny)

June 28-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)


July 3-Bogey Hills CC 5pm-9

July 4- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

July 10-Westwood CC 5pm-8

July 11-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

July 11-Patty Private party 630-830

July 14-Party in Faust Park 7pm-9 (band)

July 17-Bob Private party 7pm-9

July 18-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

July 19-Augusta Winery 1pm-5

July 25-Stone Hill Winery 

July 26-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

July 30-Garden Villas, Ofallon 3pm-4

July 31-Westwood CC   gus


Aug 1- Rocchio Private Party (duo)

Aug 8-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

Aug 9-Kahuna's Burgers Greenville,IL 6pm-9

Aug 14-Augusta Winery 6pm-9

Aug 15-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

Aug 22-St.James Winery 3pm-6

Aug 23-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

Aug 28-Paradise Tropical Restaurant, Lake of O 6pm-10 (band)

Aug 29-Paradise Tropical Restaurant, Lake of O 12pm-4 (Luau Lenny)

Aug 29- Paradise Tropical Restaurant Lake of O 6pm-10 (band)


Sept 5-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

Sept 6-Augusta Brewery 12:30pm-4:30

Sept 11- Garden Villas O'fallon 11am-Noon

Sept 12-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

Sept 25-Private Party (Lake of Ozarks)

Sept 27-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)


Oct 10-Off

Oct 17-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

Oct 25-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 (duo)

Oct 30-Trainwreck Saloon Westport 7pm-10 (Duo)

Oct 31- Trainwreck Saloon Westport 7pm-11 (Trio)


Nov 7-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Nov 8-Augusta Winery 1pm-5


Dec 4- Augusta Brewhouse 5:30-9:30


Jan 16-Washington Elks 7pm-10

Apr 17-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Apr 25-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

May 8-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

May 23-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

June 12-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

June 27-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

July 4- Whitmoor CC 12pm-3

July 11-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

July 17-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Aug 8-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Aug 21-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Sept 18-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Sept 26-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Oct 10-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Oct 30-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Nov 6-Sugar Creek 1pm-5















LENNY (803)818-7633 in STL