Jan 6-La Salsa 7pm-10

Jan 11- Fredricks, Bridgeton 5pm-8

Jan 12- Private party, Lenexa KS 11:30am

Jan 12- Fredricks w Anita Rosamond 5pm-8

Jan 12- La Salsa 7pm-10 (canceled because of weather)

Jan 19- La Salsa 7pm-10

Jan 20- ITap, Soulard 3pm-7

Jan 26- La Salsa 7pm-10

Jan 27- Butterfly House 1pm-3

Jan 28- Butterfly House 1pm-3


Feb 2-La Salsa 7pm-10

Feb 9-La Salsa 7pm-10

Feb 16- La Salsa 7pm-9

Feb 23-La Salsa 7pm-9

Feb 24- 314 City Bar 7pm-11 (i start @ 8pm)


Mar 2- La Salsa 7pm-9

Mar 9- La Salsa 7pm-9

Mar 10- Fredricks w/ Anita Rosamond 5pm-8

Mar 16- La Salsa 7pm-9

Mar 23- La Salsa 7pm-9

Mar 28- Private Party (Burke) 

Mar 30- La Salsa 7pm-9


Apr 6- La Salsa 7pm-9

Apr 13- Wedding

Apr 15- Augusta Brewery 1pm-5

Apr 20- La Salsa 7pm-9

Apr 21- Quarry Wine Garden, New Melle 1pm-4

Apr 21- Argosy Casino, Alton 8pm-11

Apr 22- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

Apr 27- La Salsa 7pm-9

Apr 28- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Apr 29- Augusta Winery 1pm-5


May 3- Private party (Sztukowski) 7pm-10:30

May 4- LaSalsa

May 5- Joey B's, Manchester 12pm-3

May 5- LaSalsa 5pm-?

May 12- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

May 19- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

May 20- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5


June 1- Westwood CC

June 2-Shaved Ice Shack, Cottleville 12pm-2

June 2- Barcelona, Clayton 9pm-12

June 3- Private Party, STL Yacht Club 1pm

June 8-LaSalsa, Creve Coeur 7pm-9

June 9- Quarry Wine Garden, New Melle

June 9- Barcelona, Clayton 9pm-12

June 10- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

June 11- Tri County Senior Center, Pacific 6pm-7

June 15- LaSalsa, Creve Coeur 7pm-9

June 16- Paradise Tropical Rest/Bar, Ozarks  7pm-11

June 17- Shawnee Bluff Winery, Ozark 1pm-4

June 21- Desmet, Florissant 1130-2

June 22-LaSalsa, Creve Coeur 7pm-9

June 23- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

June 24-Private pool party

June 29-Westwood CC 5pm-8 

June 30- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

June 30- Private Party (Doster) 7pm-10


July 4- Whitmoor CC 12pm-3

July 4- private , Lake St.Louis

July 6- LaSalsa, Creve Coeur 7pm-9

July 7- Paradise Tropical Rest/Bar, Ozarks 7pm-11

July 8- Shawnee Bluff Winery, Ozark 1pm-4

July 13- STL Zoo 12pm-3

July 13- LaSalsa, Creve Coeur 7pm-9

July 14-STL Zoo 12pm-3

July 14- Shaved Ice Shack 7pm-9

July 15- Quarry Wine Garden, New Melle

July 20-LaSalsa, Creve Coeur 7pm-9

July 21- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

July 22- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

July 27-LaSalsa, Creve Coeur 7pm-9

July 28- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

July 29- Augusta Brewhouse 1pm-5

July30- Schafly Bottleworks, Maplewood 7pm-9

July 31-Villa Rose, Bethalto 12pm-1


Aug 2- Joey B's  8pm-11

Aug 3- Private pool party 5pm-9

Aug 4- Private Party (Rocchio) 6:30 or 7pm

Aug 5- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

Aug 7- ANEW rooftop bar, 6:30-8:30

Aug 9- Illinois State fair 7pm-10

Aug 10- 

Aug 11- Paradise Tropical Rest/Bar, Ozarks 7pm-11

Aug 12- Shawnee Bluff Winery, Ozark 1pm-4

Aug 17- Mount Carmel 2pm

Aug 18- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

Aug 19- Augusta Winery 1pm-5

Aug 22- Youth Activity Park, Dardenne Prairie 6pm-830

Aug 24- Club at Porta Cima, Ozark 7pm-9

Aug 25- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Aug 26- Quarry Wine Garden, New Melle


Sept 1- Joey B's 8pm-11

Sept 2- Liberty Harbor, Portage 6pm-10

Sept 6- Joey B's 8pm-11

Sept 8- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

Sept 9- Augusta Winery 1pm-5

Sept 13- Joey B's 8pm-11

Sept 15- Harbor point Yacht club 7pm-10

Sept 16- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

Sept 20- Eureka 11:30-12:30

Sept 20- Pacific Library 530-630

Sept 22- Duck Club 2pm-5

Sept 29- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5


Oct 6- Quarry Wine Garden, New Melle

Oct 11- Joey B's 8pm-11

Oct 13- Tin Mill, Hermann 12pm-4

Oct 14- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

Oct 21- Augusta Winery 1pm-5

Oct 27- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5


Nov 3- Tin Mill, Hermann 12pm-4
















LENNY (803)818-7633 in STL