Jan 6-Garden Villas O'fallon 3pm-4

Jan 15-Montelle Winery 12pm-4

Feb 5-Montelle Winery 12pm-4

Feb 6-Butterfly House  1pm-3

Feb 20-Montelle Winery 12pm-4

Mar 1-STL Aquarium 6pm-9

Mar 12-Unch's Bar, Cahokia 3pm-6

Mar 18-Nashville, IL school 1pm-2



Apr 1-Racquet Club STL 8pm-10

Apr 2-Private Party (Lake STL)

Apr 3-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

Apr 9-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5pm

Apr 10-Unch's 3pm-6

Apr 16-Private party 4pm-7   (Terri)

Apr 24-Church of St.Michael,Clayton 5pm-8

Apr 29-Montelle Winery 4pm-8


May 1-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

May 5-Sarah Community 2pm-3

May 6-Montelle Winery 4pm-8

May 7-Creve Coeur Lakehouse 7pm-10

May 11-Just Johns 7pm-10

May 13-Mount Pleasant Winery 4pm-8

May 14-Meremec Vineyards 6pm-9

May 15-Aeries Winery 1pm-5

May 19-Private party

May 20-Riviera Too 6pm-10

May 21-Aeries Winery 12pm-3

May 21-Unch's 8pm-11

May 22-Museum of Transportation 11:30-2:30

May 22-Church or St.Michael 5pm-7

May 28-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

May 30-Nautifish Rum Bar 1pm-5


June 3-Maggie's on the lake 8pm-11

June 4-Papa Chubbys 12pm-1

June 4-Paradise Tropical 6pm-10

June 5-Paradise Tropical 5pm-9

June 10-Riviera Too 6pm-10

June 11-Brett Hulls Junction House 1030am-2

June 11-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

June 12-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

June 17-not available

June 18-Wedding (Wisconsin)

June 19-Private Party 4pm-6  (Liz)

June 24-Mount Pleasant Winery 4pm-8

June 25-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

June 25-Unch's 8pm-11

June 26-Yacht Club STL 1pm-5

June 29-Just John's 7pm-10

June 30-Anthology of Wildwood 230pm-330


July 1-Stlouisianaq Wright City 7pm-10

July 2-Brett Hulls Junction House 1030am-2

July 2-Jellystone 7pm-10

July 3-Maggie's on the lake 2pm-5

July 4-Whitmoor CC 12pm-3

July 8-Montelle Winery 4pm-8

July 9-Mount Pleasant Winery 5pm-8

July 10-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

July 14-STL Zoo 

July 14-Pacific Scenic Library 5pm-7

July 15-Attic Music Bar 630-930

July 16-Vineyards Pool 2pm-5

July 16-Unch's 8pm-11

July 17-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

July 17-Pino Private Party 530pm-7

July 20-Lake STL Clubhouse (steve brown) 6:30

July 21-Private Party (Mary Rumy) 6pm-9

July 22-Diamonds Direct 9am

July 22-Richmond Terrace 1130am-12:40

July 22-Terrace at French Village 6pm-9

July 23-Sugar Creek 12pm-3:30

July 23-Mount Pleasant Winery 5pm-8

July 24-Yacht Club STL 1pm-5

July 26-Garden Villas 5:30pm

July 28-Private 3pm-4 Rhone Rum bar

July 29-Private Party (Brie Smithey) 730pm-9

July 30-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

July 30-Bennies Pizza 8pm-12

July 31-Wild Pickins Winery 2pm-6


Aug 3-STL Yacht club (Susie) 4:30-7:30

Aug 5-Riviera Too 6pm-10

Aug 6-Paradise Tropical 6pm-10

Aug 7-Papa Chubbys

Aug 7-Paradise Tropical 5pm-9

Aug 11-Illinois State Fair 7pm-10

Aug 12-Montelle Winery 4pm-8

Aug 13-Anchor Yanker (jill johnson)12pm-3

Aug 13-Attic Music Bar 630pm-930

Aug 18-Garden Villas O'fallon 3pm

Aug 19-not available

Aug 20-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Aug 20-Creve Coeur Lakehouse 7pm-10

Aug 21-Yacht Club STL 1pm-5

Aug 24-Just Johns 7pm-10

Aug 26-Mount Pleasant Winery 4pm-8

Aug 27-

Aug 28-Nautifish Rum Bar 1pm-5

Aug 29-Ameristar Casino 5:45pm

Aug 30-Autumn View, Creve Coeur 1:30-2:15


Sept 2-Brett Hulls Junction House 530pm-9

Sept 3-Tivoli Hills Resort 4pm-7

Sept 4-Maggie's on the lake 2pm-5

Sept 5-Yacht Club STL 1pm-5

Sept 8-Private Normal,IL 6pm-8

Sept 9-Montelle Winery 4pm-8

Sept 10-Mount Pleasant Winery 5pm-8

Sept 11-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Sept 14-Union Station 5:30pm-6:30

Sept 15-Hilton Ballpark 5:45pm-6:45

Sept 16-Serenity Valley Winery 6pm-9

Sept 17-Attic Music Bar 630pm-930

Sept 18-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

Sept 23-

Sept 24-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Sept 24-Creve Coeur Lakehouse 7pm-10

Sept 25-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

Sept 30-Mount Pleasant Winery 4pm-8


Oct 1-Aeries Winery 12pm-3

Oct 6-Graybar 3:30pm

Oct 7-Montelle Winery 4pm-8

Oct 8-Mount Pleasant Winery 12pm-4

Oct 9-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Oct 14-Cedarhurst 330pm-430

Oct 15-Meremac Vineyards 5pm-8

Oct 22-Aeries Winery 12pm-3

Oct 29-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5 


Nov 5-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Nov 5-Padrinos 9pm-12

Nov 11-Union Station private party

Nov 19-Terrace at French Village 1pm-4


Dec 2-Clayton on the Park 6pm/9

Dec 3-Lavender Hill 12pm

Dec 10-Meremac Vineyards 5pm-8



Jan 27-Anchor Yankers party 7pm-10


Feb 16-Garden Villas 3pm-4 


Apr 8-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

April 30-Sugar Creek 1pm-5


May 6-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

May 12-on hold (Dustin)

May 13-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

May 20-Serenity Valley Winery

May 28-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

May 29-Whitmoor CC 12pm-3


June 10-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

June 17-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

June 25-Sugar Creek 1pm-5


July 4-Whitmoor CC 12pm-3

July 8-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

July 15-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

July 27-Garden Villas 3pm-4

July 30-Sugar Creek 1pm-5


Aug 12-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Aug 19-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

Aug 27-Wild Pickins 2pm-6 Shrimp boil!


Sept 4-Whitmoor CC 12pm-3

Sept 9-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Sept 23-Serenity Valley Winery

Sept 24-Sugar Creek 1pm-5


Oct 14-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Oct 29-Sugar Creek 1pm-5



Jan 16-Washington Elks 7pm-10

Feb 2-St.Louis Aquarium 5:15pm-6:15


Mar 7- private (Montelle) 12pm-3

Mar 21-Montelle Winery 12pm-4

Mar 27-Montelle Winery 12pm-4


Apr 3- Private Party (Terri) 4pm-7

Apr 17-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Apr 18-Deerfield's on Main, Warrenton 2pm-4

Apr 25-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

May 7- STL Sandbar 6:30-9:30

May 8-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

May 8-Innsbrook 7pm-10

May 14-Kirkwood Farmers Market 5pm-7

May 15-Walnut Street Winery 11am-2

May 15-Harbor Point Yacht Club 6pm-10

May 16-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

May 21-Mid America Harley Davidson, Columbia MO 5pm-9

May 22-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

May 22- Le Meridian (private) 7:25-8:25

May 23-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

May 30-Lake Lou Yaeger 6pm-9

May 31-Yacht Club STL-1pm

June 4-Private Deer Creek Club 6pm-8

June 5-Montelle 5pm-8

June 6-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

June 11-Paradise Tropical 6pm-10

June 12-Paradise Tropical 12pm-4

June 13-Museum of Transportation 11am-2

June 13-Graduation party (Anne) 3:30pm-5:30

June 15-City of Eureka 12pm-1

June 18-Montelle Winery 3pm-7

June 19-Meramec Vineyards 5pm-8

June 20-Vixen Hill Winery 2pm-5

June 25-STL Sandbar 630pm-930

June 26-Mary Jo (private)2pm-5

June 26-Jay Brening (private) 7:30-10:30

June 27-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

June 28-Laclede Groves 2pm-3

June 29-Garden Villas West 5:15pm-6:30


July 2-Westwood CC 5pm-8

July 3-Yacht Club STL-1pm-5

July 3-Private Party (Rumy) 6:30-9:30

July 4- Whitmoor CC 12pm-3

July 6- City of Cottleville 6pm-8:30

July 10-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

July 11-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

July 14-St.Louis Zoo 10am-2

July 16-Augusta Winery 6pm-9

July 17-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

July 17-The Attic Music bar 7pm

July 18-Wild Pickin's Winery 2pm-6

July 20-Chesterfield Faust Park 7pm-9

July 23-Montelle Winery 3pm-7

July 24-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

July 24-Terre Du Lac CC 7pm-10

July 25-Augusta Winery 1pm-5

July 27-Garden villas 4:45-5:45

July 31-Vineyards Pool 1pm-4


Aug 1-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

Aug 5-Paradise Tropical 6pm-10

Aug 6-Paradise Tropical 6pm-10

Aug 7-Paradise Tropical 12pm-4

Aug 8-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Aug 12-Illinois State Fair 7pm-10

Aug 13-The Attic Music Bar 7pm-10

Aug 14-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

Aug 14-Meramec Vineyards 5pm-8

Aug 15-Yacht Club STL 1pm

Aug 17-Park Place @ Winghaven 

Aug 18-Richmond Terrace 11:45-12:45

Aug 20-Private party 3:30-5:30

Aug 20-Tropical Moose 7pm-10

Aug 21-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Aug 21-Rocchio party 7pm-9

Aug 22-Museum of Transportation 12pm-3

Aug 26-Ameristar Casino 4:45pm-7:30

Aug 27-Ballwin Sno-Cone 7pm-10

Aug 28-Kayla ( private party) 1pm-3

Aug 28-Montelle 5pm-8

Aug 29-Augusta Winery 1pm-5


Sept 2-Paradise Tropical 6pm-10

Sept 3-Paradise Tropical 6pm-10

Sept 9-The Attic Music bar 7pm-10

Sept 10-Augusta Winery 2pm-6

Sept 11-Montelle 5pm-8

Sept 18-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Sept 18-Private party (Andre's) 7pm-10

Sept 19-Yacht Club STL 1pm

Sept 21-Clayton on the park 5:30pm-8

Sept 24-Montelle Winery 3pm-7

Sept 25-Apple bottom festival, Flora IL 11am-2:30

Sept 25-Ballwin Sno-Cone 7pm-10

Sept 26-Sugar Creek 1pm-5


Oct 1-Montelle Winery 3pm-7

Oct 3-Ballwin Sno-Cone 3pm-6

Oct 8-The Attic Music Bar 7pm-10

Oct 9-Private Party 5pm

Oct 10-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Oct 16-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Oct 23-The Attic Music Bar 7pm-10

Oct 30-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Oct 31-Augusta Winery 1pm-5


Nov 6-Sugar Creek 1pm-5

Dec 4-Sunset Overlook 6:30pm-9:30

Dec 10-Clayton on the park 5pm-8

Dec 11-Meramec Vineyards 6pm-9

Dec 19-Terrace at French Village 1pm-4

Dec 31-Mocktail Lounge 8pm-12












LENNY (803)818-7633 in STL