Jan 11- Private Party 2:30pm-3:30

Jan 13- The Melting Pot 6:30pm-9:30

Jan 28- Butterfly House 1pm-3

Jan 29- Butterfly House 1pm-3

Mar 4- Private party (Sherry D) 6:30-9:30

Mar 18-Private party (Jane M) 6-9:30

Apr 7- Lake St. Louis 430-7 (Christie)

Apr 8- Augusta Winery 1pm-5

Apr 8- Private Party (Katie) 7:30-9:30

Apr 17-Friends bar, Bridgeton 7pm-10

Apr 22- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Apr 29- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

May 1-Friends Bar, Bridgeton 7-10

May 5- Joey B's Manchester 2pm-6

May 7- Augusta Winery 1pm-5

May 13- Montelle Winery 6-9

May 14- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

May 15-Friends Bar, Bridgeton 7pm-10

May 20- Holiday Shores, Edwardsville 6pm-9

May 27- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

May 27- Lake STL Clubhouse 7-10

May 28- Joey B's Manchester 3pm-6

June 3- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

June 4- Augusta Winery 1pm-5

June 5-Friends Bar, Bridgeton 7pm-10

June 10- St. James Biergarten 3pm-6

June 11- Joey B's Manchester 3pm-6

June 16- Crown Valley Winery 6:30pm-10:30

June 17-Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

June 18- Vixen Hill Winery

June 19-Friends Bar,Bridgeton 7pm-10

June 24- The Vineyards 1pm-4

June 24- Montelle Winery 6pm-9

June 25- Private (evansville) 3pm

June 27-Private (S.Roach)

July 1- Kelsey River Wedding 

July 2- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

July 3- on hold

July 4- Whitmoor CC 

July 6- JIMMY BUFFETT CONCERT (Leaky Tiki Band)

July 7- The Weingarten, Belleville 6pm-10

July8- private (Busch Family)

July 9-Joey B's Manchester 3pm-6

July 10-Friends Bar, Bridgeton 7pm-10

July 14-STL Zoo 12pm-3

July 15- STL Zoo 12pm-3

July 16- Pere Marquette Lodge 12pm-4

July 17-Friends Bar, Bridgeton 7pm-10

July 19-Riverwood 430pm

July 21- Private party, Overland Park 11:30 am

July 22-Montelle Winery 6pm-9

July 28- Ballpark Hilton 3pm-7 

July 29- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

July 29-Rendevous Cafe 7pm-10

July 30- Muirfield Pool 4pm-7

July 31- Friends Bar 7pm-10

Aug 4- 314 city bar 7pm-11

Aug 5- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

Aug 5- Harbor Point Yacht club 630pm-10

Aug 6-Joey B's Manchester 3pm-6

Aug 10- Illinois State fair, Springfield 6pm-10

Aug 11- Private 

Aug 12- Augusta Winery 1pm-5

Aug 14- Friends Bar 7pm-10

Aug 18- Mount Carmel Living 2pm

Aug 19- Montelle Winery 6pm-9

Aug 26- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Aug 26- Private ( Joel H) 7pm-10

Aug 28- Friends Bar 7pm-10

Aug 30- Florissant street party 6pm-9

Sept 2- Chaumette Winery 1pm-4

Sept 3-Joey B's Manchester 3pm-6

Sept 16- Grafton Oyster Bar 1pm-5

Sept 17- Lake Creek Winery, Marthasville 1pm-4

Sept 23- Museum of Transportation 10am-2

Sept 24- Augusta Winery 1pm-5

Sept 25- Friends Bar 7pm-10

Sept 30- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Sept 30- Montelle Winery 6pm-9

Oct 7-Augusta Brewhouse 5pm-9

Oct 8-Florissant Fall Festival 12pm-3

Oct 9-Friends Bar 7pm-10

Oct 14 - Private Party 7-10

Oct 15- Augusta Winery 1pm-5

Oct 22- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Nov 3- La Salsa 7pm10

Nov 10 La Salsa 7pm-10

Nov 11-La Salsa 7pm-10

Nov 17-Rainbows for kids-River city casino

Nov 18-La Salsa 7pm-10

Nov 22- La Salsa 7pm-10

Nov 24-La Salsa 7pm-10

Nov 25-La Salsa 7pm-10

Dec 1- La Salsa 7pm-10

Dec 2- La Salsa 7pm-10

Dec 9- La Salsa 7pm-10

Dec 12- Private Party 4pm-6

Dec 15- La Salsa 7pm-10

Dec 16- La Salsa 7pm-10

Dec 30-La Salsa 7pm-10



Apr 13- Wedding

 Apr 28- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

May 19- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

May 12- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

June 23-Montelle Winery 5pm-8

June 30- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

July 4- Whitmoor CC 12pm-3

July 21- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

July 28- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

Aug 18- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

Aug 25- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Sept 8- Montelle Winery 5pm-8

Sept 29- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5

Oct 27- Sugar Creek Winery 1pm-5














LENNY (803)818-7633 in STL